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Softball and Baseball Registration is closed

Registration Periods for the different seasons are described below.
Dates will vary slightly from year to year.

  • Spring (Competitive): Registration is from November 1 until mid-January. Evaluations are in mid-late January after registration ends. The season ends in mid-late May.
  • Middle School Baseball (Competitive): Registration is from November 1 until mid-January. Competitive tryouts are held by the schools and DHYS also sponsors at least 1 “In-Park” team, usually 2 (the Warriors and the Warhawks). Tryouts for the "In-Park" teams are in January. The season ends in mid-late April.
  • Summer Sandlot (Fun): Registration is from May 1 until May 31. No evaluations. The season is June and July. 
  • Fall (Developmental): Registration is from July 1 until mid-August. Evaluations occur after registration closes. The season is in September and October, usually ending by Halloween or the first weekend in November.
  • Baseball All-Stars (Highly Competitive): Registration is from March 15 until April 15. Tryouts are in April and the season is from Memorial Day through mid-July.
  • Softball Select (Competitive): Registration is from February 1 until March 1. Tryouts are in March and the season is from April through May.
  • Softball All-Stars (Highly Competitive): Registration is from March 15 until April 30. Tryouts are in May and the season is from Memorial Day through mid-July.